A Contemporary Apartment in Lisbon

A Contemporary Apartment in Lisbon

Architecture and Interior Design | Residential | Lisbon – Portugal

Cristina Jorge de Carvalho's interior design studio draws inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of 1970s interiors for this apartment project in the heart of Lisbon.

Marrying minimalist principles with the raw, brutalist-inspired architecture, also executed by her studio, the interior design project meticulously crafts furniture pieces and wool rugs that transcend mere adornments to become essential elements, embodying the essence of timeless sophistication.

In this project, Cristina's signature style shines through, elevating the space with a minimalist approach that celebrates the inherent beauty of the architecture. Against a backdrop of neutral tones characteristic of brutalist-inspired architecture, she introduces a subtle colour palette ranging from white to taupe, incorporating various textures to create a dynamic interplay that enlivens the space without overwhelming it.

By juxtaposing the coolness of travertine stone and stainless steel prevalent in the apartment's architecture, Cristina infuses warmth and comfort through carefully selected materials such as wood, natural linen, ceramic pieces, stainless steel furniture pieces and luxurious wool rugs, mostly designed by herself. The result is a harmonious blend of luxury and elegance, where every element contributes to the overall aesthetic while standing the test of time.